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Fund Manager Operational Support and Capacity Building

In this assignment, Acacia works alongside the existing team and draws on its experience of raising and managing funds to provide advice, guidance and access to best practice in all aspects of the fund management cycle.  This includes initial structuring, legal documentation, fund raising, team recruitment and development, operational procedures, dealflow management, investor relations and general governance.

Dealflow Generation, Evaluation, Structuring and Closing

Acacia provides support on this most critical of business processes by working alongside or as part of the investment team, as needed.  With one new fund manager, dealflow generation and management are aligned with best practice and front line support and capacity building is provided in deal evaluation, due diligence, structuring, negotiation and closing.

Fund Raising

Acacia leveraged its tried and tested network of investors in funds and companies for the benefit of several of its clients.  The investors’ objectives include sustainability objectives and include family offices, foundations, DFIs and traditional financial institutions across Europe, the United States, Africa and Latin America.

Corporate Business Development

Acacia works with a range of entrepreneurs to develop new business plans, prepares the documentation needed to approach investors and provides support during the fund raising process.

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